About the service

If you have a Hungarian health insurance (valid TAJ number) or a European health insurance card, we are responsible for the coverage area shown; in these cases, the basic care is largely free of charge. We also ask you to bring a valid identity card or passport, if necessary the address card (lakcímkártya).

In all other cases, the service is subject to payment.


Coverage area

  • Ady Endre utca: 21-27. and 28-30.
  • Alsó Törökvész út: whole street
  • Árvácska utca: whole street
  • Barsi utca: whole street
  • Bimbó út: 29-91. and 44-90.
  • Bogár utca: 2-26.
  • Eszter utca: straight on the street
  • Add utca: whole straight side of the street
  • Pajzs utca: 1-11. and 2-12.
  • Tapolcsányi utca: whole street