Travel advice & vaccination service

Medical advice for travelers and the administration of necessary vaccinations is also possible in our office. Many of the vaccinations are in our fridge, some rarely used ones we have to get delivered. As a registered yellow fever vaccination center, we are also authorized to administer yellow fever vaccinations and if necessary to issue an exemption certificate (waiver). Of course, we also give advice on malaria prophylaxis and how to compile an appropriate first-aid kit. The service is not covered by most insurance companies and is therefore billed privately.

In which cases is a consultation recommended?

  • Beach vacation, round trips, safaris
  • Business trip
  • Work or study abroad
  • Visiting friends and relatives abroad
  • Pilgrimage
  • Mountaineering, backpacking
  • Booster vaccinations (e.g. TBE)

Important: please get an appointment in time! To achieve sufficient vaccination protection, some vaccinations have to be given several times. Three months prior departure are ideal for planning.